world war

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world′ war′

a war that involves most of the principal nations of the world.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: war - a war in which the major nations of the world are involved
war, warfare - the waging of armed conflict against an enemy; "thousands of people were killed in the war"
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At Nairobi he had received news of the World War that had already started, and, anticipating an immediate invasion of British East Africa by the Germans, was hurrying homeward to fetch his wife to a place of greater security.
United States Foundation for the Commemoration of the World Wars, to assist the World War I Centennial Commission in commemorating the centenary of World War I.
This national holiday traces its roots to 1918, when on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, Germany signed the Armistice that ended the "War to End All Wars" - World War I.
But lacking as clear a goal and sense of purpose as in World War II, those conflicts, according to Professor Gormly, have in some ways revived old questions about intervention in foreign affairs.
Yet while there's no comparing the scope of the destruction in World War II and our current, massively failing ``war on gangs,'' in some respects, the necessary relief efforts are more similar than one might think.
We fought World War II against Germany, Japan, and Italy, not fascism.
By the measure of language and institutional participation (Vereinwesen), Kazal argues, Germans were well on the road to assimilation in the decades immediately prior to the First World War, even though German neighborhoods maintained German associations and practiced, to use another felicitous formulation by Kathleeen Conzen, "a kind of biculturalism in spite of structural assimilation.
Myths And Legends Of The Second World War by James Hayward is an impressive collection of lore and lies, folk stories and propaganda generated misinformation drawn from every theatre of World War II.
In 1924, Congress agreed that veterans of World War I should receive financial compensation for economic losses suffered while serving in the military.
Moreover, World War II was a global struggle against fascism.
However, a healthy proportion of flashbulb memories related to World War II have stayed intact for more than half a century in Danes, say Dorthe Berntsen and Dorthe K.
The student utilized a variety of print reference tools during this project, including a world almanac, thesaurus, dictionary, atlas, the World Book encyclopedia, and two non-fiction books: World War I Uniforms Coloring Book by Peter F.