Widely known and acclaimed.
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Jim Crow, moreover, was seen executing his world-renowned dance, in gingerbread.
Then he brought the world-renowned Turkish coffee that poets have sung so rapturously for many generations, and I seized upon it as the last hope that was left of my old dreams of Eastern luxury.
Children, it were not meet that I should learn From others, and am hither come, myself, I Oedipus, your world-renowned king.
In an- other bill he was the "world-renowned Shakespearian tragedian, Garrick the Younger, of Drury Lane, Lon- don." In other bills he had a lot of other names and done other wonderful things, like finding water and gold with a "divining-rod," "dissipating witch spells," and so on.
With the barbershop now in Bangladesh, T and H brings world-renowned personal grooming services along with a personal grooming range for men.
World-renowned designer Suzy Hoodless is hosting an event at a country house.
Presiding over an event to mark the World Autism Day here on Wednesday along with his wife Lidia Pontecorvo, the envoy said: 'We are happy and proud to promote awareness about autism, and to help in establishing contacts and agreements between the world-renowned Italian centre 'IRCCS Oasi Maria Santissima' and 'PAHSR Foundation' which aims to become a comprehensive treatment centre of this disorder.'
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva and their daughter Leyla Aliyeva have viewed an exhibition marking the 90th anniversary of People`s Artist of Azerbaijan and the USSR, hero of Socialist Labor, holder of state prizes, world-renowned artist Tahir Salahov.
The Garten is a popular open-air venue situated on Beirut's water front that hosts world-renowned DJs and performers.
The St Regis Doha has announced a new line-up of events with world-renowned artistes planned for the month of May, as part of its commitment to diversifying Doha's music scene, and reaffirming once again the position of the hotel as Doha's supreme leisure and entertainment destination.
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Summary: World-renowned French opera singers Delphine Haidan and Karine Deshayes will perform from a diverse repertoire