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adj. world-wea·ri·er, world-wea·ri·est
Tired of or bored with life, often with a negative or jaded attitude.

world′-wea′ri·ness n.
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no longer finding pleasure in living; tired of the world
ˈworld-ˌweariness n
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weary of the world; bored with existence, material pleasures, etc.
world′-wea`ri•ness, n.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - tired of the world; "bored with life"; "strolled through the museum with a bored air"
tired - depleted of strength or energy; "tired mothers with crying babies"; "too tired to eat"
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[ˈwɜːldˈwɪərɪ] ADJhastiado, cansado de la vida
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[ˈwɜːldˈwɪərɪ] adjstanco/a della vita
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References in classic literature ?
Beebe was just crawling out of the pond, On whose surface garments of an intimate nature did float; while George, the world-weary George, shouted to Freddy that he had hooked a fish.
Alex North's tightly-plotted crime thriller presses all the right buttons for the genre: A world-weary detective with a failed marriage and a drink problem, an ambitious younger officer, departmental politics within the Force.
LONG after the songs have been sung And the red flares that flooded the sky have slowly dispersed The breathless billowing flags of poetry and sardonic Scouse wit folded for memories The football streets of Liverpool find themselves woke once more No B word for Liverpool was made for Europe Klopp with his ebullient wide mile smile, aye boss tha' But Lbpool football club is always back to childhood for me And home remains that most nostalgic rose tinted romance As always holds me fast, unbreakable that umbilical chord of Football Beatles and Grace This boy in the picture, socks rolled down, face reflective in dreamy contemplation Lives my dream, our dream, and sets the brimming still hope-filled world-weary youth in me free.
The "melancholy and world-weary" portrait is thought to have been drawn by an assistant not long before the Renaissance master's 1519 death.
Then we flashed back one year to follow Raza, played by Nabhaan Rizwan, pictured above, and Paddy Considine's world-weary cop who recruits terrorism informers.
To claim, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's critics on the left do, that the law was all sound and fury, a piece of political theater designed to drum up fear and win votes, is to give the Israeli electorate, as world-weary a bunch as any, too little credit.
Summary: London [UK], January 5 (ANI): From playing a boxer, a serial killer to a superhero, and most recently, a world-weary Army captain in the dark western 'Hostiles', Christian Bale has done it all, but there is one thing he says he won't take up and that is a 'rom-com' drama.
On his new album soulful Sam sounds more world-weary, and the better for it, on tracks like Too Good At Goodbyes and Pray.
Live football ITV, 8pm INTERNATIONAL friendlies can make even the most optimistic football fan feel a little world-weary but there's always a frisson of excitement when Brazil come to town, writes James Milton.
Summary: Actress will play the world-weary and tough Norah Ahmad, report says
It's not hard" Model Iman, above "Jeremy Corbyn is attractive in a world-weary old sea dog sort of way" How women on an internal website described the Labour leadership contestant, adding that he was "very sexy" "It is no use just shouting from the sidelines.
A machine causes the poppies inside to dance, red as blood they scatter like bodies some resting on the poignant statue a forlorn figure, world-weary with eyes closed just a young man yet a hundred years old.

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