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Noun1.worldly concern - the concerns of this life as distinguished from heaven and the afterlife; "they consider the church to be independent of the world"
concern - something that interests you because it is important or affects you; "the safety of the ship is the captain's concern"
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As for Colonel Brandon, she was not only ready to worship him as a saint, but was moreover truly anxious that he should be treated as one in all worldly concerns; anxious that his tithes should be raised to the utmost; and scarcely resolved to avail herself, at Delaford, as far as she possibly could, of his servants, his carriage, his cows, and his poultry.
The time of the two parties uniting in the Octagon Room being correctly adjusted, Catherine was then left to the luxury of a raised, restless, and frightened imagination over the pages of Udolpho, lost from all worldly concerns of dressing and dinner, incapable of soothing Mrs.
There is much worldly concern, and many troublesome facts of our lives are touched upon in this weightless yet weighted story; there is much bitter truth brought forth, like the painfully relevant passage about the new relationships between men and women ("Zwischen Mann und Frau ist neuerdings Feindschaft gesetzt"), yet we find everywhere kind redemption of our common lot.
First, there exists a stereotype of the European nobility from that era as a privileged elite enjoying hedonistic, carefree existence on their manorial estates, free from any sort of worldly concern. As Professor Lukowski vividly illustrates in his book, this was by no means the case.
It's a month of strong resolution and revolution, a month of rededication to Allah but also of relaxation and retreat to Allah from all worldly concerns and a month of reckoning our deeds, income and expenditure so we could pay our zakat or Sadaqat in due or right measure.
Like Mama Mary, may we learn to rise above worldly concerns and selfish agenda, and focus on praising God, helping other people and becoming better persons.
Ritual acts--personal and parochial alike--are meant to free the practitioner's mind from worldly concerns. The meditational Tantric scripts and yantras (mystical geometric diagrams) assembled for this jewel box of a show had the additional effect of producing a hushed calm that engulfed its viewers.
The relevance of economic concerns in the modern world is not in question: but how to combine those worldly concerns with the development of conceptual tools and analysis that is insightful and useful, not merely reproducing orthodoxy?
His ladder leads him in the worldly concerns (Nicholson, 2003, pp.
The word 'udasi' is derived from the Sanskrit 'Udasian' - literally meaning to be detached from worldly concerns and comforts.
During the Dhikr, you feel you are floating in the air and forget about worldly concerns," adds the 38-year-old man, who is a follower of Al Shazlia, a major Sufi order in Egypt.
Sport often aspires to be an arena happily elevated from the worldly concerns of politics, religion or ideology -- a place where people can connect through the commonality of competition and skill.