worm fish

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Noun1.worm fish - poorly known family of small tropical shallow-water fishes related to gobies
percoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
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Joe also had a 3Ib specimen in his bag, all fish were tempted on worm fished at Gordon's Wall.
Sunday's Open on Lookout went to Ray Laing with 70lb 14oz who offered chopped worm fished via a 13 meter pole.
Finlay, from Helensburgh, lured the two from Wellsfield Fishery, Denny, with a worm fished on a bubble float.
This was in a float-only event, with John catching carp to double figures on pole and worm fished over pellet.
His weight, to worm fished with feeder then pole from peg 143 below fisheries bend, was impressive for a three hour event.
White Springs Fishery has a well earned reputation for big perch and Barry Pullin added to it with a specimen fish of 4.25lb caught on a worm fished in the Old Canal.
MESCAR LAKE, Lydiate (07808 764374): Maggot and worm fished close to the bottom has been catching carp to 2lb.
Alternating between a Zara Super Spook topwater lure (white belly, blue back) and a Zoom seven-inch gourd-colored worm fished on the bottom with a Carolina rig, he fooled enough of these bass to bring to the scales a 10.27-pound limit.
Worm fished over casters to the island produced enough carp to give the leader a comfortable margin over team colleague Pete Rice on 21-15-0, Mick Denton (Oxford MG) 15-12-0 and Pete Caton 15-11-0.
If fish are not taking a worm fished with a bobber, consider removing the bobber.
Again anglers fishing with cocktails of mussel, crab and worm fished hard on the bottom took the best catches.
It was a five or six-inch tiddler that grabbed a worm fished on my fly rod.