worm gear

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worm gear
worm gear assembly

worm gear

1. A gear consisting of a spirally threaded shaft and a wheel with marginal teeth that mesh into it.
2. The toothed wheel of this gear; a worm wheel.

worm gear



1. (Mechanical Engineering) a device consisting of a threaded shaft (worm) that mates with a gearwheel (worm wheel) so that rotary motion can be transferred between two shafts at right angles to each other
2. (Mechanical Engineering) Also called: worm wheel a gearwheel driven by a threaded shaft or worm

worm′ gear`

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or worm′gear`,

1. a mechanism consisting of a worm engaging with and driving a worm wheel.
2. a gear wheel driven by a worm.
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Noun1.worm gear - gear consisting of a shaft with screw thread (the worm) that meshes with a toothed wheel (the worm wheel); changes the direction of the axis of rotary motion
cogwheel, gear, gear wheel, geared wheel - a toothed wheel that engages another toothed mechanism in order to change the speed or direction of transmitted motion
worm - screw thread on a gear with the teeth of a worm wheel or rack
worm wheel - gear with the thread of a worm
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Tenders Are Invited For Worm Gear And Shafts As Per Nit
During a recent visit to Renold Gears, PWE was shown some of the latest developments in worm gear technology by Rob Stanley, sales manager for open gears.
Except for the missing finderscope, the only unworkable part was a badly corroded worm gear, the bracket for which was stamped W&S and thus presumably from Warner & Swasey.
D Thesis was Effect of Soil Interaction and Gear Composition on Surface Wear and Fatigue on Failure of Worm Gear in the Self Propelled Locally Made Rotary Hoe.
D Thesis is Effect of Soil Interaction and Gear Composition on Surface Wear and Fatigue on Failure of Worm Gear in the Self Propelled Locally Made Rotary Hoe.
It is the only worm gear that can be used in both directions because of the low friction forces.
Specific topics include a comparison of double flank roll testers for worm and worm gear, using virtual circles gauge for a quick verification of portable measuring arms, estimating uncertainty in the optical system of optical measuring machines, using carbon dioxide emissions as a maintenance ratio in manufacturing processes, a first approach to developing a control system of a real/virtual hybrid flexible manufacturing system, and modeling a horizontal coordinate measuring machine.
For example, part of the procedure requires removal and installation of the worm gear components.
The lightweight, compact device features a worm gear drive with parallel link system to bring pipe and fittings together evenly and under control.
A new line 752 size worm gear speed reducers is offered with hollow output shafts in 5.
He covers the geometry of cylindrical gears, the integrity of gears, elements of cylindrical gear drive design, bevel gears, planetary gear trains, and worm gear drives.
A new line of Boston Gear (Charlotte, NC) 752 size worm gear speed reducers is now available with hollow output shafts in 5.