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Adj.1.Worm-shaped - resembling a wormworm-shaped - resembling a worm; long and thin and cylindrical
formed - having or given a form or shape
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For years, doctors thought the appendix a worm-shaped tube about the size of your little finger that hangs off the right side of the large bowel became inflamed because it was blocked by a small piece of hardened faeces.
According to the company, CLARIVA consists of naturally occurring soil bacteria with a unique, direct mode of action on nematodes, microscopic worm-shaped soil organisms, which cause significant damage to all major agricultural crops.
You're zooming between planets in a blue and silver worm-shaped spaceship, your cargo chockf-ull of valuable goods and wealth.
Using a hollow needle connected to a vacuum, she sucks out worm-shaped samples of my nonlump; after the first few she politely asks permission to take more.