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A wormhole tunnel can be generally practicable if utilized for transmission of all the data packets.
For example, to find papers related to defending against wormhole attack using trust mechanism in routing, we made a search with keywords "wormhole + routing + sensor + trust" and we went till tenth web page examining each found paper.
This could be a good read-aloud in sections, with an omniscient adult reader steering tweens through the destabilizing "wormhole" of time travel.--Katherine Noone.
Rita McBride's wormhole, created with laser-beams inside the Toxteth Reservoir, on High Park Street
In the transparent mode, wormhole malicious nodes are not victim network members.
This surface is interpreted as the existence of a wormhole within the black hole.
This acts as a "wormhole" - a doorway or tunnel through the fabric of spacetime of the kind seen in countless sci-fi stories.
In an attempt to force Brady to hand over the little alien, Rotaxis accidentally sends Earth through a wormhole, placing it in harm's way.
And because Eloch loves his planet Entean, he goes...only to discover that the vast power flowing through him, power only a Champion can wield, vanishes the moment the spacecraft bound for Spur enters its first wormhole. Now powerless and alone, how can Eloch stop the colonization, as he has sworn to do?
Like a wormhole, quantum entanglement links entities that share no obvious relationship.
Most often, wormholes are about transport (typically between black holes), as in the video game EVE Online and the television show Babylon 5, as well as the games Portal and Portal 2, in which wormhole guns allow for immediate traversal of distance.
Sections 3 and 4 briefly review our intrusion detection and fault localization techniques for MANETs, utilizing detection of in-band wormhole attacks [KS05] as an illustrative example.