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Worrying helps you some--it seems as if you were doing something when you're worrying.
"They are an uncommonly handsome pair," he said, "and if they are as good as they look I am sure you need not wish for anything better; but I see you still hold that pet scheme of yours for worrying your horses and lessening their power."
"The thing that is mostly worrying your aunt Sally is the tempers that that man Jubiter gets your uncle into."
Dorothy laughed merrily at this speech, and then she became very sober again, for she could see how all this trouble was worrying her aunt and uncle, and knew that unless she found a way to help them their future lives would be quite miserable and unhappy.
"Because I shall never be able to open a window without worrying you," he rejoined, laughing also.
When you catch yourself worrying at other times, make a note of your worry and postpone it until your worry period.
A couple of dudes - statisticians, actually - got sick and tired of hearing people worrying about one thing or another and decided to look deeper into the matter.
The two groups are the most similar in worrying about maintaining their standard of living, making minimum payments on credit cards and paying normal monthly bills.
Healthcare has been a common concern for Americans, with the percentage worrying a great deal about it eclipsing most other issues over the past two decades.
Worrying that your partner will not be a sufficient parent in your absence especially if they are the uninvolved type is one thing.
They may feel that worrying is part of their personality and they just can't help but worry.