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Adv.1.worryingly - in a manner to cause worry
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Banh, who stood-in for Prime Minister Hun Sen, called on the Asean bloc to cooperate in the battle against fake medicine, which he said was 'worryingly spreading across the region'.
More worryingly, most surveyed homeowners severely underestimate the potential cost of hurricanes and flood damage.
Worryingly, any jobs in the service industry these workers could move to will also be taken over by robots.
There is no clarity on immigration, the language on protecting workers' rights is worryingly woolly and it is all over the shop on the role of the European Court of Justice.
I literally am incapable of being in the real world and surviving Singer Mariah Carey Those who continue to think Jeremy Corbyn is anything but just another windbag have got to be worryingly gullible Best-selling author Frederick Forsyth I am aware of the perils of punditry.
By SARAH HODGSON Daily Post Reporter sarah.hodgson@trinitymirror.com A MAN and woman from Wrexham whose dog had "horrendous" skin problems and was "worryingly" underweight have been banned from keeping animals for life.
AN RSPCA centre is launching an urgent appeal to try to rehome a "worryingly high" number of cats.
Pensioners aged 70 to 78 are being urged to visit their GPs for shingles vaccines after a worryingly low uptake.
Summary: With clashes at Al-Aqsa for a second day running, the PLO assertion Monday that Israel was playing with fire seems worryingly accurate, and if tensions are not defused soon then this could become the most deadly conflagration in the region.
It's not long before he's at the local quarry, with the car parked worryingly near the edge.
Worryingly, 16% said they did not know how to incorporate them into their regular diets, and 20% said they felt it wasn't necessary.