worsted yarn

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Noun1.worsted yarn - a tightly twisted woolen yarn spun from long-staple wool
thread, yarn - a fine cord of twisted fibers (of cotton or silk or wool or nylon etc.) used in sewing and weaving
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GEMOT A South African antelope B Smooth worsted yarn C Meeting or assembly who am I?
Yarn used: Custom Spun Worsted Yarn by Glenfiddich Wool
If the batch is of finer fiber and longer staple length (longer than three inches), the slivers usually go to combing and drawing steps that prepare them to be spun into worsted yarn. The comb separates short from long fibers, ensuring that the long fibers are laid parallel, to produce a combed sliver called "top." Several tops are drawn out into the thickness of one, to thoroughly blend the wool and ensure evenness or regularity of the resulting roving.
Worsted Yarn -- Usually in reference to woolen yarn that is made of long staple that has been finely combed and spun for a finer, smoother appearance.
The company was founded in 1911 as Union Textile SA., for the production of woolen worsted yarn. In 1974 the company was renamed Lentex and began producing PVC flooring, which today constitutes the majority of its sales as the largest floorcovering producer in Poland.