(ˈwʊd nt)
contraction of would not.
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While Secretary DeVos said she had no interest in meeting with the NRA as a part of this process, she couldnt or wouldnt tell me how the NRA would be allowed to influence the commissions recommendations, or even that they wouldnt have veto power.
Over the years, we've seen how these exhibits act as a catalyst for projects in communities that normally wouldnt have the resources to bring in exhibits of this caliber.
I tried to get two things they wouldnt give me," he said.
Jeff Flake, who announced last year that he wouldnt run again.
It is also one of the most preferred options when it comes to fireplace surroundings as it wouldnt turn yellow or red because of heat.
He further said that if the PM is willing to face the nation, there wouldnt be anything nicer than this.
It's like in London you have families where some support Millwall and some West Ham, and up in Liverpool you got fans supporting Liverpool and Everton Neil Wixon I am a Cardiff City fan but wouldnt be bothered by whether my missus liked football or not, or supported my team or another.
I even joked Jaja give me a kiss and she wouldnt budge, after a few exchanges she finally obliged.
I wouldnt have said to kill someone, extort and then bring me the money to London", he added.
Jane Catrin Williams SORRY but i wouldnt live in cardiff if you paid me.
I love my job and wouldnt be doing it if i wasnt any good at it.
Rejecting the finance ministry view point, the committee said that recovery wouldnt be enough only and that steps should be taken to identify responsible in an attempt to stonewall incidents of massive corruption in future.