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v. ir·ri·gat·ed, ir·ri·gat·ing, ir·ri·gates
1. To supply (land or crops) with water by means of pipes, sprinklers, ditches, or streams.
2. To wash out (a body cavity or wound) with water or a medicated fluid.
To irrigate land or crops.

[Latin irrigāre, irrigāt- : in-, in; see in-2 + rigāre, to water.]

ir′ri·ga′tion n.
ir′ri·ga′tion·al adj.
ir′ri·ga′tor n.
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Noun1.irrigation - supplying dry land with water by means of ditches etcirrigation - supplying dry land with water by means of ditches etc
supplying, provision, supply - the activity of supplying or providing something
2.irrigation - (medicine) cleaning a wound or body organ by flushing or washing out with water or a medicated solution
eyedrop, eye-drop - a method of irrigating the eye used by ophthalmologists
medical aid, medical care - professional treatment for illness or injury
douche - irrigation with a jet of water or medicated solution into or around a body part (especially the vagina) to treat infections or cleanse from odorous contents
clyster, enema - an injection of a liquid through the anus to stimulate evacuation; sometimes used for diagnostic purposes
lavage - washing out a hollow organ (especially the stomach) by flushing with water
medical specialty, medicine - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
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سقيسَقْي، رَي
áveita, vökvun


A. N (Agr) → irrigación f, riego m (Med) → irrigación f
B. CPD irrigation channel Nacequia f, canal m de riego
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[ˌɪrɪˈgeɪʃən] nirrigation f irrigation systemirrigation ditch nfossé m d'irrigationirrigation system nsystème m d'irrigation
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(Agr) → Bewässerung f; irrigation canalBewässerungskanal m
(Med) → Spülung f, → Irrigation f; colonic irrigationDarmspülung f
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[ˌɪrɪˈgeɪʃn] nirrigazione f
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(ˈirigeit) verb
to supply water to (land), especially by canals or other artificial means.
ˌirriˈgation noun
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n. irrigación, acto o proceso de irrigar.
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n irrigación f; colonic — hidroterapia de colon
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This report provides prognosis and analysis of the wound irrigation solution market.
[ClickPress, Tue Sep 03 2019] Fact.MR has published a new research report on global wound irrigation solution market sizes, upcoming industry trends and growth opportunity through 2018-2028 to its online database that tries to unveil the various scenarios prevailing in the wound irrigation solution market .
Keywords: Clean contaminated wounds, Per-operative wound irrigation, Surgical Site Infection, Wound Infection.
Wound irrigation or debridement and amputation were the most common procedures performed (29.9 and 25.6 percent, respectively).
Of the 53 patients who had wound irrigation with saline only two persons (3.8%) developed infection, while all the 11 subjects whose wound was irrigated with both saline and betadine (10% povidone-iodine) had ASEPSIS scores less than 10 indicating satisfactory healing.
This includes Granulox, a haemoglobin-based topical oxygen therapy spray that is sprayed on wounds for faster wound healing, along with Granudacyn, a hypochlorous wound irrigation solution for cleaning, moistening and rinsing of acute, chronic and contaminated wounds, as well as first and second degree burns.
A majority of subjects (195/263, 74%) underwent wound irrigation and debridement within 24 hours of injury.
After recognizing the metallic body, the patient should be administered tetanus treatment as prophylaxis, and wound irrigation and urgent surgical interventions should be performed (9).
Mineral oil should be used for initial wound irrigation, the authors advise, and "surgical debridement is the definitive treatment for injuries and should remove any remaining alkaline material from tissues." Delay use of water-based irrigation until after surgical debridement, and one report suggests probing the wound with litmus paper to ensure the pH is no longer alkaline prior to using water irrigation.
The most utilized adjunct measures for preventing postoperative SSI are wound irrigation with povidone-iodine (PVP-I) or hydrogen peroxide and saline solution, silver impregnated dressing, closed wound suction drainage, and use of an ultraclean air technology in the operating room.
The patients were taken to the operating room for further wound irrigation and debridement and stabilization of the fracture.