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n. Chiefly Australian
A person regarded as obnoxiously puritanical.

[Possibly from dialectal wow, to howl, complain, of imitative origin.]


1. a fanatically puritanical person
2. (Brewing) a teetotaller
[C20: from English dialect wow to whine, complain]


(ˈwaʊ zər)

Australia and New Zealand. an excessively puritanical person.
[1895–1900; orig. uncertain]


n (Austral inf)
(= killjoy)Miesmacher(in) m(f) (inf)
(= teetotaller)Abstinenzler(in) m(f)
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The wowsers have a point, at least some of the time.
It's a real wowsers red, that is basically Jessica Rabbit in lipstick form.
They were tough, in a laconic fashion, opposed to the Church, the State, wowsers and censorship.
3) No change, repeat, no change, after 13 years, between targeted populations who do-gooder wowsers have "conversations" with about smoking, eating lettuce and going jogging, and the control group slackers, who puff like trains, are down the chippie every night and get up from the TV couch to get another beer and call that exercise.
The reference to brewers and wowsers was because Clark had, whilst in Queensland, spoken out against the Temperance League as well as criticising the brewery industry for their uncompetitive behaviour.
But their 'gloomy predominance' here, as in Calvin's Geneva, 'is not in harmony with the teachings of Jesus', who would 'as vigorously denounce the Wowsers as He did the Pharisees'.
It is pretty easy to make fun of such blatant wowsers, but the fact is that the events of April 18-19, 1775, are somewhat complicated.
I remember how our 'Quiet Little Drink' photos got mixed up at the printers and were published in the Uniting Church's Frontier News magazine, and their pictures of wowsers got published with our Quiet Little Drink article.
Wowsers, bowsers & peppercorn trees: a collection of history from Ariah Park and district, compiled by Nigel Judd, published by Temora Shire Council.
I was writing a book called Wowsers, and when I gave the news to Phil his eyes lit up with considerable interest.
We are told that only wowsers and those professing zero-tolerance (surely a dirty term if there was such a thing) would question harm minimisation as a policy.