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A small grayish-brown songbird (Chamaea fasciata) resembling both a wren and a titmouse, inhabiting coastal scrub and chaparral from Oregon to Baja California.
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Wrentit and Western Bluebird, both otherwise unknown from Ballona), possibly the result of a labeling error.
Our list included American crow, red shouldered hawk, red tail hawk, turkey vulture, California thrasher, California towhee, spotted towhee, oak titmouse, wrentit, bushtit, scrub jay, white crown sparrow, gold crown sparrow, lesser goldfinch, house finch, rock dove, mourning dove, California quail, yellow-rump warbler, ruby crown kinglet and Anna's hummingbird.
Pettey's bus, with 38 people aboard, headed to Florence to give visiting easterners their first looks at such Western birds as wrentit and Western snowy plover.