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Noun1.wrestling mat - a mat on which wrestling matches are conducted
gym mat, mat - sports equipment consisting of a piece of thick padding on the floor for gymnastic sports
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Shamil Zubairov in the category of 92 kg gained bronze medal without coming out to the wrestling mat due to injury of his contender Abubakar Turgayev from Kazakhstan.
Crying, laughter, Shakespeare and the physical striving and sweating for a last-second basket or a pin on the wrestling mat. Emanating everywhere, a feeling of spirits and souls, teachers, parents and students of yesteryear who are now the pillars of the Wenatchee Valley.
The arrangements and preparations of Inter-Division Punjab Open Boxing Championship and provision of wrestling mat to Divisional Sports Office, Gujranwala were also discussed during the meeting.
"I grabbed a bunch of accelerometers, strapped them to my wrestling headgear, and, much to my parents' chagrin, went back to the wrestling mat to get knocked around and start gathering data."
An oversize flesh-pink wrestling mat spilled out across the floor of the first gallery, a vast homogenous expanse differentiated only by a couple of strange shapes, which somehow looked like both testicles and handles, emerging from one side; a disconcerting, medical-looking contraption, incorporating socks, glass tubing, and an Olympic curl bar fabricated from petroleum jelly hung from the ceiling.
" It may take up to four months to be back on the wrestling mat," she said.
woman to bring home gold from the Olympic wrestling mat, a distinction that will likely have broad appeal to advertisers.
"We are doing strength, conditioning and we are on the wrestling mat twice a week."
JUST KNOW THAT WHEN you step onto a wrestling mat with Stephany Lee, it's her mat.
As each guy works through his issues with his father, girls, and his teammates, Coughlin straddles the line between gritty and sobering, allowing very little sun (or heart) to shine onto the wrestling mat. It mostly works because of the competitive environment, but there are very few root-able characters.
he said: "We have got a wrestling mat and we are doing a lot of contact work and grappling.