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A superlative of wry.


(ˈraɪɪst) or


the superlative of wry



adj. wri•er, wri•est.
1. distorted; lopsided: a wry grin.
2. abnormally bent or turned to one side; twisted.
3. devious in course or purpose; misdirected.
4. contrary; perverse.
5. bitingly ironic or amusing: a wry remark.
[1515–25; adj. use of wry to twist, Middle English; Old English wrīgian to go, strive, tend, swerve, c. Old Frisian wrīgia to bend; akin to Greek rhoikós crooked]
wry′ly, adv.
wry′ness, n.
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ports]) 2 reconnaissance ships (Gonzenheim, Kota Penang) 2 supply ships (Ermland, Spichern) 4 requisitioned tankers (Lothringen, Belchen, Esso-Hamburg, Friedrich Breme) 4 weather-observation fishing steamers (Freese, Munchen, August Wriest, Lauenberg) 2 mine breakers (Sperrbrecher 13, Sperrbrecher 31) 5th Minesweeper Flotilla (M-4, M-23, M-31, M-201, M-202, M-205, M-251, M-252, M-253) 6th Destroyer Flotilla (Z-23, Z-24, Hans Lody [Z 10], Friedrich Eckheldt [Z 16]) 5TH AIR FLEET, AIR LEADER STAVANGER 2 reconnaissance squadrons (1./F 120 [Ju-88s] Stavanger, 1./F 121 [Ju-88As]) 2 battle wings (KG 30 [Ju-88As] Eindhoven, KG 26 [He-111 Hs] Stavanger-Sola) 3RD AIR FLEET, AIR LEADER ATLANTIC 5 battle wings (1.
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