wriggle out

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w>wriggle out

vi (lit)sich herauswinden (of aus); (fig also)sich herausmanövrieren (of aus); he’s wriggled (his way) out of iter hat sich gedrückt
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It is simply unacceptable that they now trying to wriggle out of commitment JOAN MCALPINE Haley said: "I indicated during the meeting that Atos would expect to make a profit over the lifetime of the PIP contract.
you wanted to wriggle out of yourself, like a python in a forest, like
But the 12-year-old sixth grade student of the New Indian School displayed strong tactics and clever combinations to wriggle out with a draw.
Mr Cowen, presumably, spent the day yesterday being advised on the best way to wriggle out of the crisis.
GARY JOHNSON reckons he is going to take legal advice in a bid to wriggle out of a cheeky public appearance at Burton's in Bristol - thanks to central defender Liam Fontaine's first-ever goal for the Robins.