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v. wrig·gled, wrig·gling, wrig·gles
1. To turn or twist the body or a body part with writhing motions: The rabbit's nose wriggled.
2. To move or proceed with writhing motions: wriggle into a sleeping bag; wriggled out of his grasp.
1. To move with a wriggling motion: wriggle a toe.
2. To make (one's way, for example) by or as if by wriggling: He wriggled his way into her good graces.
A wriggling movement.
Phrasal Verb:
wriggle out of
To extricate oneself from (an undesirable situation or responsibility, for example) by sly or subtle means: wriggled out of a jam.

[Middle English wrigglen, perhaps from Middle Low German wriggeln; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

wrig′gly adj.
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(ˈrɪg li)

adj. -gli•er, -gli•est.
1. twisting; squirming: a wriggly caterpillar.
2. evasive; shifty: a wriggly character.
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Adj.1.wriggly - moving in a twisting or snake-like or wormlike fashion; "wiggly worms"
moving - in motion; "a constantly moving crowd"; "the moving parts of the machine"
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[ˈrɪglɪ] ADJ (wrigglier (compar) (wriggliest (superl))) → sinuoso
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adj (+er)sich windend attr, → sich krümmend attr; fish, childzappelnd attr
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[ˈrɪglɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) → che si dimena
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As for the rest, every bit was made by her own hands--featherstitched pinning blankets, a crocheted jacket and cap, knitted mittens, embroidered bonnets; slim little princess slips of sensible length; underskirts on absurd Lilliputian yokes; silk-embroidered white flannel petticoats; stockings and crocheted boots, seeming to burgeon before her eyes with wriggly pink toes and plump little calves; and last, but not least, many deliciously soft squares of bird's-eye linen.
Another obligingly credits our family with the possession of a tower full of snakes and explains those little, wriggly things in that way.
Both are ok with handling but Bumble is a little more frightened and wriggly. They would both suit a home with an experienced rat handler who can work on building their confidence over time.
The rest of us are disgusting, messy, slobbery, sweaty, wriggly sleepers.
Get a free copy of 'Car, Car, Truck, Jeep' when you pop down for a wriggly reader session at Hinckley library.
Pigg-O-Stats have been used since 1960 and are designed to immobilise wriggly little ones, therefore limiting their exposure to more radiation than necessary while being scanned.
As you can see, he is quite wriggly. It all kicked off for me when I read about the dad in America.
The hard work all done by teaching staff We appreciate that's sure It can't be an easy task When the children are only four What a glow of Christmas sunshine it brought to us today Thankyou to all the boys and girls for your Wriggly Nativity play Megan Smith, L25 (for the reception class of Hunts Cross primary School)
Get Me Out of Here took on one the most disgusting challenges of the series so far - and it involved eating some rather wriggly snacks.
"Yes, small and very wriggly and cute and maybe a bit mischievous and..." is what I was about to say but memory is subjective, especially mine, and to be honest the past two decades are a bit of a blur.
There is not a lot of room to swing a cat in a shepherd's hut at Wriggly Tin but your faithful friend would not want a cat-share anyway.