wring from

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Verb1.wring from - get or cause to become in a difficult or laborious manner
prise, pry - make an uninvited or presumptuous inquiry; "They pried the information out of him"
obtain - come into possession of; "How did you obtain the visa?"
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She was imprisoned by Tal Hajus, and every effort, including the most horrible and shameful torture, was brought to bear upon her to wring from her lips the name of my father; but she remained steadfast and loyal, dying at last amidst the laughter of Tal Hajus and his chieftains during some awful torture she was undergoing.
Money from this account would come from the millions in efficiencies that earnest council members planned to wring from the bloated departments in City Hall.
After the test vote succumbed, the best Feinstein could wring from Republican leaders was a promise for two hours of time to debate her statement.