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Adj.1.wrinkle-resistant - of fabric that does not wrinkle easilywrinkle-resistant - of fabric that does not wrinkle easily
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It usually had 20 components, making assembly laborious; Chen Zhi's Lycra-angora prototype has only three and is wrinkle-resistant.
Made from premium virgin wool, there was the added bonus of being wrinkle-resistant.
It's made of innovative tech materials such as water-repellent, wrinkle-resistant shape memory fabric, rubber coated hardware, all black webbing, mesh details and a silver twist on the signature LeSportsac logo.
Furthermore, innovation in synthetic textiles that are wrinkle-resistant reduces the need for travel irons.
The full collection is available in a variety of colors and incorporates a proprietary, eco-friendly four-fabric blend that is moisture-wicking and stretch- and wrinkle-resistant.
It's machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, pill-resistant, odor absorbing and stretches in multiple directions.
The RABU is also cooler than the ABU and features a wrinkle-resistant finish.
The Chilly Jilly Wrap ($35) is made with a unique double-brushed fabric, so it's always cozy, wrinkle-resistant, and good for every occasion.
Expecting that such women often make business trips, garments on the floor include wrinkle-resistant jackets and shirts.
The shirt also has extra stitching at seams and buttons, flat-felled seam finishing, wrinkle-resistant, darts and princess seams.
Using only the finest wrinkle-resistant cotton, Nautica's Spring/Summer colours for trousers include fresh shades of beige and buff, bringing modernity and stylish refinement to a summer wardrobe.
Modern textiles are wrinkle-resistant and stain-repellent; in the mid-term clothes will become "smart", through embedded "wearable electronics".