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Adj.1.wrinkleless - not wrinkled or creasedwrinkleless - not wrinkled or creased    
unfurrowed - not marked with shallow depressions or furrows; "an unfurrowed field"; "unfurrowed cheeks"
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He wore a low-crowned, narrow-brimmed straw hat, with a broad blue ribbon around it which had a white anchor embroidered on it in front; nobby short-tailed coat, pantaloons, vest, all trim and neat and up with the fashion; red-striped stockings, very low-quarter patent-leather shoes, tied with black ribbon; blue ribbon around his neck, wide-open collar; tiny diamond studs; wrinkleless kids; projecting cuffs, fastened with large oxidized silver sleeve-buttons, bearing the device of a dog's face--English pug.
In Brazil, researchers say they are seeing a disproportionate number of microcephalic infants with what appear to be severe deformities, many with four striking malformations at once: a large degree of brain tissue loss; unusually smooth, wrinkleless brains; many calcium deposits; and smaller cerebellums, which play a role in motor control, according to Dr.
With created images setting the standard, we are becoming habituated to the glossy and gleaming, the smooth and shining, the ageless and sagless and wrinkleless. We are learning to expect "perfection" and to find any "defect" repellent, unacceptable.