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also write·a·ble  (rī′tə-bəl)
adj. Computers
Capable of recording data. Used of a storage medium: writable compact discs.


or write•a•ble

(ˈraɪ tə bəl)
1. capable of being written.
2. Computers. capable of recording data: writable CDs.


writeable [ˈraɪtəbəl] adj (COMPUTING)enregistrable
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of Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, the Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture, and Kadobun co-developed "Echizen Foolscap Japanese Traditional Paper FUKUNO COCOCHI " that is writable on both sides.
The Specialty Card supply line includes 10-millimeter-thick blank business cards with writable backs, and 30-millimeter-thick blank 3-Up Key Tag cards, designed for retail, membership, and loyalty programs.
There was supposed to be a writable version, too, but the primary business model was to replicate and distribute prerecorded music.
Each student is assigned a writable cartridge that is put in the LeapPad when they are working.
A writable matte article with a water absorbing layer and polymer has been patented.
The card is currently a read-only design, but NTT is working on a writable version.
This "typical" machine will have 64 megabytes of dynamic random access memory or DRAM, 10 gigabytes of fixed storage, and a writable CD drive.
Designed in response to "WikiLeaks" and similar data breach incidents and the processes that were implemented afterwards, EventTracker DriveShield protects important information by monitoring users with access to sensitive data - while alerting, preventing and reporting improper transfers to writable media.
Prequalification are invited for Supply of stationeries:Cloth binding envelops 11x5 (Pack of 100),Cobra file,Computer CD folder,Computer CD Mailer (Pack of 50),Computer CD Re-writable (Pack of 50),Computer CD with plastic case (Pack of 50),Computer DVD writable (Pack of 50 Nov) ,Computer Pen Drive 02 GB,Computer Pen Drive W GB
Further, looking at today's market situation, it is now obvious that nobody can stop the trend of these Re- Writable devices becoming commodities themselves.
Even more significant, low cost tape drives are being replaced by alternative technologies, most significantly writable compact disks.
By combining two nascent technologies in an innovative way, we hope to show that we can create novel, optically writable displays that are efficient, low-cost, and robust.