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also write·a·ble  (rī′tə-bəl)
adj. Computers
Capable of recording data. Used of a storage medium: writable compact discs.
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or write•a•ble

(ˈraɪ tə bəl)
1. capable of being written.
2. Computers. capable of recording data: writable CDs.
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writeable [ˈraɪtəbəl] adj (COMPUTING)enregistrable
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Rice Krispies Treats believes every child needs love and support as they head back to school, developing writable wrappers in 2017 for parents and caregivers to send their children encouraging messages in their lunchbox.
It is more important that writable holograms can protect any data against all kinds of tampering.
In 2018, he helped lead the successful sale and served on the Board of Directors of five Bertram portfolio companies: Clarus Glassboards (brand writable glassboards), Maxcess (web handling solutions), Rowmark (engravable plastic sheet) and Premier Material Concepts (engineered plastic sheet).
"There is an adage, you know, every risk is writable, it's just a question of price.
She the author of a Guest Editorial entitled "Parents Can Aid in Child's Reading Success," published in the Loveland-Reporter Herald, she is the Editor of Writable, Readable, Eatable Fun Newsletter, and the Editor of Chatterbox, a compilation of student writing and artwork.
Now, 3M product developers contend, Post-it Extreme offers a durable, water-resistant and writable surface to capture notes and information.
digital spaces, writable walls and a cafe with perpetual social media feeds
The security issues that the study uncovered included the following: Writable executables- this means, someone could run a code remotely that could affect how the app functions; World-writable files - meaning other apps could gain write access to the files in the banking app; relatively easy access to the app's source code, making it possible for someone to alter the code and "Secure" flag that was inappropriate set- done so as to prevent cookies from being sent over insecure communication channels.
Employee recognition programs: Milestone Anniversary Celebration -- dinner with the president and VISA points or cash; ($0 for every year); recognition at all-hands meetings and writable walls where anyone can recognize or leave messages for fellow employees.
Perhaps most importantly for radio and TV stations, the latest edition of the EAS Operating Handbook has been released.A writable PDF version of the Handbook can be found on the Bureau's web site at https://www.fcc.gov/general/eas-test-reporting-system.
Persons reporting adverse events are now able to use the VAERS 2.0 online reporting tool to submit reports directly online; alternatively, they may download and complete the writable and savable VAERS 2.0 form and submit it using an electronic document upload feature.