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also write·a·ble  (rī′tə-bəl)
adj. Computers
Capable of recording data. Used of a storage medium: writable compact discs.
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or write•a•ble

(ˈraɪ tə bəl)
1. capable of being written.
2. Computers. capable of recording data: writable CDs.
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writeable [ˈraɪtəbəl] adj (COMPUTING)enregistrable
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The door panel comes with lockable compartments and there is a writeable surface for listing inventory.
Plus an expanded, writeable API allowing architects to send live data from preferred data sources directly to ABACUS.
Stanoff is also credited with the creation of the wildly popular sequined "Mermaid" (writeable) pillow for people with special needs that is beautiful, decorative and sensory driven, yet does not look therapeutic.
This is especially true for the distributed capabilities of blockchain which allow each party to have their own writeable copy of the same historical record.
The company pioneered the product category, which includes glass writeable surfaces, with its unique channel development strategy, differentiated, vertically-integrated manufacturing capability and innovative product offering.
Faced with the unsubstantiated but attractive claims offered by sources (and editors) off the record, the logic of objectivity allows the reporter to act creatively in order to bring negotiations around to a writeable story" (Peterson, 2001) Por tanto, la exclusiva que se ofrecera como anzuelo de trafico web en su maxima exposicion habra sido cocinada por periodistas que han operado, en la mayoria de los casos, con un exceso de opacidad, a menudo imprescindible.
However, when developers create libraries (including .so and .jar) and mark them as writeable and put them in the app's /assets directory, these libraries can be considered as potential trigger points.
Electro Optic's Dura Line coating provides surface hardness of more than 1,100 HV (in comparison: The laser hardening until 63 HRC [approximately equal to] 800 HV) protects the cutting lines against scrubbing of high gloss paper, thermal paper, matted foils, writeable colors and lacquers, luminescence inks, metallic inks, whitener and pastel colors.
Lessons and student work are projected onto three interactive projectors per class, and all the walls are "writeable," meaning the students can use special markers or their fingers to write on erasable, interactive whiteboards.
So, I imagined a kind of spectrum with Curious Incident at one end and writeable plays at the other.