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Ceballos-Baumann et al., "Low-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the motor cortex in writer's cramp," Neurology, vol.
With my pharmacy, there is so much I can do without even a hint of writer's cramp. With other providers, I may schedule an appointment prior to the expiration of 364 days" time.
AIt could be the case that you are suffering from RSI - while it can affect the hand, wrist and also the finger area (conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome and 'writer's cramp' would be two examples), it's actually a condition that is commonly associated with other parts of the upper body such as the forearm, neck and shoulder and is sometimes referred to as Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD).
Christine Delmaire, of Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire Roger Salengro, Lille, France, and Institut ational de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale, Paris, came to this conclusion after studying 26 right-handed patients with writer's cramp and 26 right-handed control participants, who were the same sex and age.
As far back as the late 1800s, physicians had added musician's cramp to the list of other occupational injuries (writer's cramp and telegrapher's cramp) being treated at the time.
I AM surmising Mr James Cooper from Marske may well be referring to me (Writer's Cramp, 28.05.08) as the Redcar & Cleveland Council leader with the council that is running smoothly?
His coverage includes treatments for migraine, facial spasms, drooling, lingual and cervical dystonia, spasticity or dystonia in the upper extremities, including adducted thumbs and writer's cramp, spasticity or dystonia in the lower extremities, including the valgus foot and extended knee, pain syndromes ranging from myofascial pain and thoracic outlet syndrome to neuropathic cutaneous pain and lateral epicondylitis, and hyperhidrosis of the forehead and scalp, axillae, palms, residual limbs and feet.
I have writer's cramp at this time with all the updates and legislative victories that are happening for nursing in the current session.
"He'll say, `I like them all, but I don't have 20 minutes to sit here and get writer's cramp filling out my address six or seven times.'"
In 1897, suffering from writer's cramp, Henry James (1843-1916) began dictating to a typist.