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Noun1.writer's name - the name that appears on the by-line to identify the author of a workwriter's name - the name that appears on the by-line to identify the author of a work
name - a language unit by which a person or thing is known; "his name really is George Washington"; "those are two names for the same thing"
by-line, credit line - a line giving the name of the writer of a story or article
References in classic literature ?
But, your ladyship, I have discovered very lately that that law- writer's name was Hawdon.
What does the K stand for in the English writer's name, Jerome K Jerome?
While reading the above letter, I looked at the writer's name and by mistake read the Indian name of the next letter writer.
The writer's name was Miriam Michelson, and the novel, A Yellow Journalist, published in 1905, began as a series of short stories in The Saturday Evening Post.
All letters and emails must bear the writer's name and address, although you can ask for your name to be withheld.
The writer's name and address may be withheld by request.
Mark your stories as "Banner ghost stories,'' and include the writer's name, town, age and school.
Please include the writer's name, city/state, email address and daytime phone number.
While we prefer to publish the writer's name, we will publish a letter with "name withheld by request," but our editorial staff must have the writer's name confirmed for our files.
Organized by genre and author, entries include book series, offshoots issued under the new writer's name, posthumous collaborations, unauthorized books, and biographies of literary characters.
Submissions should be sent in as a Microsoft Word attachment and be accompanied by a cover sheet that includes the writer's name, the title of the story, contact information, and word count.
Entries must include the writer's name, address, daytime telephone number and e-mail address.