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v. writhed, writh·ing, writhes
1. To make twisting bodily movements, as in pain or struggle.
2. To move with a twisting or contorted motion: A snake writhed out of the bushes.
3. To suffer emotional or physical distress, as from embarrassment or anguish: "She writhed at the bare idea that he might pay court to some girl" (W. Somerset Maugham).
To cause to twist or squirm; contort: "His lips ... were now writhed into unholy contortions" (Stephen Crane).
The act or an instance of writhing: "'If I may umbly make the remark,' said Uriah Heep with a writhe" (Charles Dickens).

[Middle English writhen, from Old English wrīthan; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]

writh′er n.
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Adj.1.writhed - twisted (especially as in pain or struggle); "his mad contorted smile"; "writhed lips"; "my writhen features"- Walter scott
crooked - having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned; "crooked country roads"; "crooked teeth"
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It now writhed in convulsions of pain, and was a forcible type, in its little frame, of the moral agony which Hester Prynne had borne throughout the day.
He writhed under the jokes, practical and otherwise, which were perpetually made at his expense, and yet never ceased, it seemed wilfully, to expose himself to them.
They quivered and trembled and writhed as though they were still in torment, a supposition to which the unending scream gave a horrible credence.
A DEATH Row inmate writhed in agony yesterday during a botched lethal injection execution which took 40minutes to kill him.
Clayton Lockett, 38, writhed, clenched his teeth and appeared to struggle against restraints holding him to a gurney before Oklahoma prison officials halted the execution.
Summary: Thousands writhed together in one techni-coloured mob during celebrations of the colourful Indian festival Holi.