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Noun1.writing assignment - an assignment to write somethingwriting assignment - an assignment to write something  
assignment - an undertaking that you have been assigned to do (as by an instructor)
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This approach allows the reader to read in thoughtful and deliberate ways to positively impact the related writing assignment.
The second is a structured formal writing assignment that provides support and revision opportunity, and requires the application of theory to real people.
What begins as a routine writing assignment turns into an exploration of personal integrity when a family's criminal background is exposed.
Pupils at a US high school were asked by their English teacher to argue that Jews were the source of Nazi Germany's problems in a writing assignment that has sparked a furore.
DREAMING IN HINDI: COMING AWAKE IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE tells how Rich took on a writing assignment in India, where she became involved in trying to speak Hindi.
Betty (above) is disappointed when her writing assignment doesn't go as well as she'd hoped, but she shouldn't count on getting much sympathy from Daniel.
The writing assignment, which is part of the program, Sharing Our Story with the Nation, stems from a goal set by the commander of the Combined Arms Center, Lieutenant General William Caldwell, to "initiate opportunities for officers to engage the Nation and share their stories through media engagements and community outreach activities.
A survey assessing attitudes regarding the value of the writing assignment was completed by 278 students.
While there Adams was awarded the only perfect score his teacher had ever given on a creative writing assignment, an accomplishment that motivated Adams throughout his life.
Example of a Short Formal Writing Assignment Writing Assignment 1: How does radiology aid in the detection and diagnosis of a disease?
Developing a primary trait analysis (PTA) of the writing assignment is helpful before creating the actual grading rubric.