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Noun1.written assignment - an assignment to write somethingwritten assignment - an assignment to write something  
assignment - an undertaking that you have been assigned to do (as by an instructor)
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There are two ways in New York for a lender to prove from the outset that the underlying note was properly transferred: (i) producing a valid written assignment of the note, or (ii) demonstrating that the note was physically delivered to it.
A brief written assignment guiding students to search the Pro-Quest Historical Newspaper database for 18th century newspapers mentioning hymn-writing and public hymn-singing helped students develop an awareness, based on primary sources they saw with their own eyes, of the broad popularity of public hymn-singing in colonial America.
The training, which is open to anyone and would normally cost pounds 500, takes 30 hours, includes a two-day workshop and completion of a written assignment.
The strategy created a context of contemporary change in the classroom by structuring a written assignment to mimic a characteristic of complexity theory.
The National Writing Project, begun in 1974 at the University of California at Berkeley, stemmed from a similar notion: that regular reviews of the process of writing, with repeated drafts and frequent editing, were a better way to assess how the student was doing than the old way of grading grammar and spelling tests and the final version of any written assignment.
Another is to make more use of online file storage apps and software for written assignments and homework.
Students usually do not allocate enough time to draft and edit their written assignments properly.
They had many mistakes in their written assignments and used Russian words when telling their election programs in the second assignment.
WebCT includes seven assessment tools: online group discussion, feedback, examination, phone conversations, surveys, quizzes, and written assignments.