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Noun1.written text - something written, especially copied from one medium to another, as a typewritten version of dictationwritten text - something written, especially copied from one medium to another, as a typewritten version of dictation
black and white, written communication, written language - communication by means of written symbols (either printed or handwritten)
transliteration - a transcription from one alphabet to another
phonetic transcription - a transcription intended to represent each distinct speech sound with a separate symbol
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He said during his Friday sermon in Karbala, "In every Friday we read weekly in the second sermon, a written text of the Supreme Authority, but it is recently decided not to have it every week, but according to what is emerging on the ground".
The most outstanding finding shows that students are more familiar with oral texts than written ones, to our knowledge; the reason could be that writing is a more difficult task that requires more knowledge on the part of the writer since it is an epistemic activity, that is, when you write you construct knowledge and experience, and novice students have not had exposure to different genres in the foreign language; therefore, in terms of structure, there is a lack of knowledge as to how a written text is to be developed.
Expression Of Interest for Consultant For support for the production of content for Sida%s communication channels, primarily written text but also video and graphics.
In this way, written text construction is added to visual text creation allowing text production to be fluid and flexible.
The written text and illustrations are beautifully blended throughout with every page a visual delight, while the gloss paper and attractive front cover add to the overall appeal of the book.
their value for understanding early Jewish sects, and finally discusses what they contribute to the interpretation of the Gospels, Acts and Paul This clearly written text gives a surprising amount of significant information in a relatively short text (187 pages).
This inquiry finds that the oral and electronic texts have more in common with each other and the written text stands alone.
In my written text of the 2011 George Alcock Memorial Lecture 'Observing through the Light' (JBAA 122(1) (2012)) there is a typographical error which I would like to correct.
Virtual Speaker converts any written text into voice files, 24/7 in up to 25 languages with a natural, pleasant repertoire of 57 voices which are all excellent spokespeople and content animators.
According to the company, the solution converts written text into voice files in up to 25 languages with a natural, pleasant repertoire of 57 voices.
three apples and four apples makes seven apples) Comprehension Reading a graph Cohesive ties- of written text -how text hangs -literal, together inferred, applied (3 level guides) Examine and Completing a Punctuation to evaluate ideas table aid the meaning and information of the text Focus on and Interpreting Spelling-- retrieve graphical accuracy and explicitly information range stated presented in information different ways Make a complex Prepositions, Correct use of inference from e.
To control when a reader views an image, the writer needs to divert attention from the written text by adding a reference to it, in a phrase such as "see Figure 2 for an example of Cape Dutch architecture.