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Examples of sentinel event alerts include alerts about preventing wrong-site surgery, safe use of opioids, preventing medication errors, preventing violence, and preventing infections.
The horror of wrong-site surgery continues: report of two cases in a regional trauma centre in Nigeria.
Prevention of MEs such as wrong-site surgery, medication errors, and patient falls are important issues for PS practices in the OR.
Wrong-site surgery is a frequent problem for dermatologists.
Identifying a reduced exposure to issues such as infection or wrong-site surgery.
3) Specific clinical interventions are needed to reduce wrong-site surgery (WSS), including wrong- site tooth extraction which is a rare but potentially disastrous clinical error.
The report also includes details of a wrong-site surgery case in July 2011 where a surgeon started operating on the wrong tooth during dental extraction.
Catching preventable problems in the operating room, such as wrong-site surgery, means keeping a watchful eye over the patient from scheduling all the way to discharge, according to the Joint Commission.
For example, orthopaedic surgeons in North America have been encouraged to prevent wrong-site surgery since 1997 following the recommendations by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Canadian Orthopaedic Association (Yang et al 2007).
While cases of inadequate informed consent often go to court quietly, situations involving wrong-patient, wrong-procedure, wrong-site surgery capture headlines.
Imagine specifying that up to a 5% rate of wrong-site surgery is acceptable
A 2006 study by the Archives of Surgery, which examined over two million malpractice liability cases in Massachusetts over a twenty-year period, estimated that non-spine wrong-site surgery occurs once in nearly one hundred thirteen thousand operations.