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Adv.1.wrongheadedly - in a wrongheaded manner
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One curious, and unfortunate, fact that Ahmed clearly demonstrates here is that Western academics studying Islam and puzzled, as they predictably are, about where religion ends and culture begins, have increasingly embraced the Salafist view (abandoning Orientalist arrogance, but wrongheadedly presuming that Islam is whatever conservative Muslims say it is--at a time when "non-prescriptive and non-orthodoxizing" intellectuals are mostly silent or lying low).
Fairytale prescriptions for Middle East policy were spun by neoconservatives Paul Wolfowitz ("the road to peace in the Middle East goes through Baghdad") and by David Wurmser (Dick Cheney's Middle East advisor), who wrongheadedly proposed that by razing Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime and creating a Shiite alternative in Iraq, the "socialist" Iranian revolution and Iran's regional allies would be sabotaged.
And so I have burrowed my way into the terrain noisily, wrongheadedly.