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"I forbid your speaking to me of that woman," I cried wryly, "unless you can speak pleasantly," and I left him to his fate and went off to look for B .
Martin Ainslie, Aberfoyle, took this picture near his home adding, wryly , `spring has arrived'.
One of the main things is the diverse wildlife and living by the rural "curly wryly" canal the waterfowl, abundant fish life and little furry things that scurry and mooch about on the waterside is a joy to see.
Writing is crisp, sarcastic, and wryly funny, steeped in New Jersey lore and anecdotes that add great historical and cultural dimensions to its mystery.
"I just thought - oh who's going to go and see a show about feminism?" the comedian recalls wryly.
Wryly humorous and bittersweet, "Home Care" is an appealing humanist tale that puts a poignant spin on that perennial staple of the Czech cinema, the village dramedy.
This drama is one of the best things on the box, despite Foyle's occasionally irritating habit of wryly turning up the corner of his mouth to make him look sceptical.
With a voice hauntingly evocative of Garbage's Shirley Manson, Vickie's wryly insightful lyrics are thought-provoking like Le Tigre and Peaches before her.
Brian added that he felt frontman Freddie - who died in 1991 - would be 'wryly smiling' at the idea of the flick, the Sun reported.
Gordon, who is directing, writing, and choreographing this "new comic dramatic emotionally loaded theater movement narrative," can be counted on to produce a thought-provoking, wryly funny, mixed-media evening.
Scar is a great villain with his sardonic lines wryly delivered by Irons, and the new 3D element does add something.
Peslier, who wryly observed: "The pacemaker went too fast."