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Chiefly Southern US
Contraction of was not.

[Dialectal variant of wasn't.]
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References in classic literature ?
He wudn't be takin' all this fool's throuble in shpoilin' the reputation of the regimint -"
"There was never a Kerry man yet that wudn't sell his brother for a pipe o' tobacco an' a pat on the back from a p'liceman."
Else wudn't LG be seen to be acting partisan?" he further tweeted.
We used to serve breakfast here, but it got to where it wudn't worth it, havin' to get up before sunup and cook a whole bunch of bacon and sausage and biscuits and have to thowe half of it away uneat, so now we open on up in the mornin' and shut down just before dark.
Didn't get nuthin but a whole lot of wind and rain, but the pire was off for might near a week, and wudn't nuthin' insured.
He shud b hung drawn and quarted in the cent/circle as i txt u at the time - true 2my word i said i wudn't go 2 watch city untill M.McG Goes he shud b true 2 his word - or publicly appologise 2 E.B.
I wudn't sharedaylite with a Red,let alone a ground!
Thar wudn't nuthin' to do but hang on and try to make the best of hit.
I went around the cabin an that thar hog had hit the mountain so hard he done buried hisself into hit so far, they wudn't nuthin' but his tail a' stickin' out.
JULES, Coventry; I have lived in Valley Road most of my life, wot your saying is when U lived here U wanted out Bcuz of noise, drugs, etc, but Whitefriars wudn't move U.
AMANDA, maybe if drivers gave time 4 elderly 2 sit they wudn't pick nearest seat.