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 (vo͝on′dər-kĭnt′, wŭn′dər-kĭnd′)
n. pl. wun·der·kin·der (vo͝on′dər-kĭn′dər) also wun·der·kinds (wŭn′dər-kĭndz′)
1. A child prodigy.
2. A person of remarkable talent or ability who achieves great success or acclaim at an early age.

[German : Wunder, wonder, prodigy (from Middle High German, from Old High German wuntar) + Kind, child; see kindergarten.]


(ˈwʌndəˌkɪnd; German ˈvʊndərˌkɪnt)
n, pl -kinds or -kinder (German -kɪndər)
1. a child prodigy
2. a person who is exceptionally successful in his field while still young
[C20: German, literally: wonder child]


(ˈvʊn dərˌkɪnd, ˈwʌn-; Ger. ˈvʊn dərˌkɪnt)

n., pl. -kinds, Ger. -kin•der (-ˌkɪn dər)
1. a child prodigy.
2. a person who succeeds, esp. in business, at a comparatively early age.
[1890–95; < German, =Wunder wonder + Kind child]


A German word meaning wonder child, used to mean someone who accomplishes great things while still young.


n pl <-kinds or -kinder> → Wunderkind nt
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