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n. Slang
A person regarded as weak, ineffectual, or overly fearful.

[Perhaps blend of wimp and pussy, or short for pussy-wussy, reduplication of pussy.]

wuss′y adj.
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adj, wussier or wussiest
slang chiefly US feeble or effeminate
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"And what's all this wussy talk about outlawing bump stocks, like the one that guy in Las Vegas used to convert his semi-automatic rifle to a machine gun?" he continued.
01446 738622 MUSIC Wussy WUSSY formed in 2001 with Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker sharing lead vocals and songwriting duties, mixed with harmonies, tales of the supernatural and day-in-the-life portraits, and a varied sonic palette.
Since I'm not a thin skinned wussy who boycotts everything that upsets me in the least [if you] are unhappy with Yeti and want to destroy your cooler that is all of the sudden overpriced, I will GLADLY take it off your hands!
Punjab's men's rowing and women wussy teams stamped their superiority very early in the grand event winning 7 and 5 gold medals respectively.
Firstly, in this show, it's the liberated Samantha who's in the lead role, not the wussy, indecisive Carrie.
"Richard Johnson, 'Choc' Thornton and me - we started out as amateurs - and I always thought Flat jockeys were a bit wussy."
So how did wussy Woolfe end up kissing the parquet floor, out for the count, after a mano a mano session in a European Parliament ante-room?
He's just an older man who doesn't want to admit that he watched 'Teen Mom' because all of his friends would be like, 'You're such a freaking wussy.'"
? INDIE rock band Wussy fly over from Cincinnati later this month for a series of dates including Leicester's The Musician on Tuesday, May 3 and Birmingham's Hare & Hounds on Friday, May 6.
Grandma was a water wussy, and only I could convince her to brave the ocean.
WUSSY - FOREVER SOUNDS CINCINNATI'S Wussy may be Wussy by name, but certainly not by nature.