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A genre of Chinese fiction or other narrative work characterized by chivalrous heroes, martial arts, swordplay, and sometimes elements of fantasy, often in a historical setting.

[Mandarin wǔxiá : , military, martial (from Middle Chinese ʋuə̆´, from Old Chinese *m(r)aʔ; akin to Tibetan dmag, army, and Burmese mak, soldier) + xiá, chivalrous hero, knight errant (from Middle Chinese xɦjiap, from Old Chinese *gêp).]


1. (Film) a genre of Chinese fiction and film, concerning the adventures of sword-wielding chivalrous heroes
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a genre of Chinese fiction and film, concerning the adventures of sword-wielding chivalrous heroes
[from Chinese: martial-chivalric]
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But the government also tried to suppress wuxia, a martial arts genre of literature and film, as superstitious and potentially subversive.
Violence, Wuxia, Migrants: Jia Zhangke's Cinematic Discontent in A Touch of Sin.
Other expert speakers include Professor Yumi Okazaki of Waseda University in Japan; Sham Sai-shing, Chief Editor of martial arts magazine Wuxia Shijie; and Dr Albert Yeung, Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Novelist Association.
We also had wuxia [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (martial arts) journals.
Summary: You've probably seen a wuxia film at one time or another.
11) He has worked across a number of genres: the heritage film (Sense and Sensibility), a realist melodrama (The Ice Storm), a historical fiction (which is also a revisionist Western) in Ride with the Devil, the wuxia pian tradition (Crouching Tiger), a comic/superhero film (Hulk), a "gay Western" (Brokeback Mountain), a romantic political thriller (Lust, Caution) and a historical fantasy (Life of Pi).
The Assassin (Hou Hsiao-hsien, 2015) is a wuxia film.
No era tan dificil suponer que algun dia el taiwanes Hou Hsiao-hsien llegaria a hacer una pelicula de wuxia (genero de artes marciales y caballeria), que parece ineludible para los maestros del cine chino, de Zhang Yimou a Ang Lee; pero casi imposible era imaginar como la magia y la accion de los combates se integraria a la poetica del autor de La ciudad de la tristeza (1989).
But where wuxia films usually leap straight into action, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon instead begins with fifteen minutes of dialogue.
An international coproduction made with the largest budget of Hou's career, The Assassin will challenge those looking for a conventional wuxia film and those who admire the Taiwanese master's work primarily for its precise delineation of quotidian experience.
Hou Hsiao-Hsien's The Assassin, an artful wuxia film set in the 9th century Tang Dynasty, received the Director's Prize.