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1. Treatment with or exposure to x-rays.
2. Radiation composed of x-rays.


(General Physics) another term for X-ray


(ˈɛksˌreɪ diˈeɪ ʃən)

radiation in the form of x-rays.
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Noun1.x-radiation - electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid targetX-radiation - electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target
ionizing radiation - high-energy radiation capable of producing ionization in substances through which it passes
electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic wave, nonparticulate radiation - radiation consisting of waves of energy associated with electric and magnetic fields resulting from the acceleration of an electric charge
2.X-radiation - obtaining images by the use of X rays
tomography, imaging - (medicine) obtaining pictures of the interior of the body
computed axial tomography, computed tomography, computerized axial tomography, computerized tomography, CT, CAT - a method of examining body organs by scanning them with X rays and using a computer to construct a series of cross-sectional scans along a single axis
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Nikola Tesla published ten papers on X-radiation from March 11, 1896 to August 11, 1897, and laid the basic principles of radiology and first proved the harmfulness of X-radiation on human body [7, 9];
Contract notice: Maintenance and quality control of x-radiation imaging equipment from general electric brand.
Extragalactic X-rays "For the first time, X-radiation coming from the direction of individual galaxies has been measured.
Furthermore, wearable devices might be potentially equipped with filter lenses that provide protection against X-radiation.
Hard X-radiation is therefore ideal for this purpose, because it penetrates matter and exhibits wavelengths of a few hundredths of a nanometre.
X-radiation is a viable alternative to hydrogen peroxide, steam and other traditional cleaning methods due to advancements in high-energy, high-power electron accelerators.
The study is about the effect of xanthone extract from the mangosteen fruit that may protect any pathological conditions caused by X-radiation.
On November 8 each year, the global medical community celebrates World Radiography Day, which marks the anniversary of Wilhelm RE[micro]ntgen's discovery of X-radiation in 1895.
After studying biochemistry at the University of Toronto, he completed experiments on the effect of x-radiation on DNA replication in mammalian cells, for which he received a doctorate in biophysics.