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A yellow crystalline organic compound, C13H10O, that is soluble in ether and is used as a fungicide and in organic synthesis. The structural unit of xanthene is a feature in several fluorescent dyes.


(Elements & Compounds) a yellowish crystalline heterocyclic compound used as a fungicide; benzo-1,4-pyran. Its molecular structural unit is found in many dyes, such as rhodamine and fluorescein. Formula: CH2(C6H4)2O


(ˈzæn θin)

a yellow, crystalline substance, C13H10O, used in organic synthesis and as a fungicide.
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PV-10 is an injectable formulation of rose bengal disodium, and represents nearly a decade of work by Provectus to optimize the synthetic process for manufacturing rose bengal and its related halogenated xanthene analogs to meet modern global requirements for pharmaceutical use.
In a continuation of our studies on easily processable high-performance polymers [41-45], we report herein the synthesis of a series of novel aromatic polyamides containing both fluorene or xanthene cardo structures and fluorinated phenoxy pendant groups from two fluorinated isophthaloyl chlorides and four diamines containing cardo groups by the low-temperature solution polycondensation in N/N-dimethylacetamide (DMAc).
The unprecedented [Ru(bpy)3]2+ complexes as well as xanthene based organic dyes has gained widespread recognition due to their effectiveness and broad applications in organic synthesis.
The manufacturer said the products were made using an additive called xanthene gum from Danisco.
Rhodamine B, a highly soluble xanthene dye has found great use in various dye utilizing industry because of their easy wet fastness.
They are: Erythrosin included in the class of xanthene dyes; Blue indigotine included in the indigotin class of dyes, Patent Blue V, Fast Green and Brilliant Blue in class of triphenylmethane dyes, Bordeaux Red, Ponceau 4R, Red 40, Azorubine, Tartrazine Yellow and Sunset Yellow, included in the class of azo dyes (POLONIO; PERES, 2009).
In living organisms free radicals are produced as a result of the normal metabolic process and also free radical chain reactions normally occur as respiratory chain reaction in the mitochondria through xanthene oxidase activity liver mixed function oxidases atmospheric pollutants and from the transitional metal catalysts xenobiotics and drugs.
Excimer emission and energy transfer in cofacial boradia-zaindacence (BODIPY) dimmers built on a xanthene scaffold.
Rhodamine B is a xanthene dye whose optical properties depend of several factors, such as solvent, concentration and pH value [2].
1 (1 g/l xanthene in sodium azide-preserved buffer) for 10 seconds and then in solution No.
Polysaccharides such as carrageenan, pullulan, xanthene gellan gum, guar gum and gum arabic can be used to form a paste without the separation of components of alginate paste [30, 31].