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a. xantocrómico-a, de apariencia amarillenta o relacionado-a con la xantocromía.
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cases Appearance Viscosity Mucin colour/ clot test clarity 1 Normal 6 Straw/clear High Good Synovial fluid 2 Osteoarthritis 4 Pale yellow/ High Good clear 3 Traumatic 4 Haemorrhagic/ High Good arthritis xanthochromic 4 Neuropathic 1 Straw/clear High Good 5 Villonodular 1 Straw/clear High Good synovitis 6 Rheumatoid 6 Yellowish to Low Fair to arthritis Greenish/ poor cloudy 7 Tuberculous 8 Yellow/turbid Low Poor arthritis 8 Chronic 16 Yellow/clear high Fair to nonspecific good synovitis 9 Gouty 1 Yellow/ Low Good arthritis cloudy 10 Septic 2 Yellow, Low Very arthritis grey/turbid poor 11 AVN femoral 1 Blood Low QIS * head stained Sl.
In a patient who has a negative CT scan but has a history typical for an aneurysmal SAH, a lumbar puncture will rarely disclose xanthochromic CSF, which is diagnostic for SAH.
One (2%) patients developed excruciating occipital headache in which CSF was xanthochromic and the CT scan brain showed extensive subarachnoid hemorrhage due to AV malformation diagnosed on CT Angiography.
CSF has been reported as xanthochromic or bloody in 134 patients (64% of all published cases).
The cerebrospinal fluid was xanthochromic and a normal cytochemical analysis was reported.
The supernatant will be colorless and crystal clear in the case of traumatic tap and xanthochromic (yellow) to hemolyzed (red) if a pathologic bleed has taken place.