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n. xantoderma, color amarillento de la piel.
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Physicians are familiar with the terms carotenemia (or xanthoderma) and lycopenemia, the yellow-orange skin discoloration that occurs after excessive consumption of carrots, tomatoes, or beets.
[[double dagger], NR] Agaricus diminutivus Peck [[double dagger], NR] Agaricus dorsalis Peck [[dagger]] Agaricus haerens Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus magniceps Peck [[double dagger], NR] Agaricus moelleri Wasser [[double dagger], NR] Agaricus placomyces Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus scitulus Massee [[dagger]] Agaricus silvaticus Schaeffer [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus sylvicola (Vittad.) Peck [[dagger], [double dagger]] Agaricus xanthoderma Genev.
It is the color of fading bruises, unpopular cats, chlorosis in plants, potato wart, old paper, forbidding skies, dead leaves, xanthoderma, purulent conjunctivitis, dental plaque, gimp lace, infection and pus ("Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye," sings John Lennon in "I Am the Walrus"), nicotine on fingers and teeth, and speed bumps.