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A metabolic disorder characterized by excessive accumulation of lipids in the body and a resulting spread of xanthomas.

[New Latin xanthōma, xanthōmat-, xanthoma (xantho- + -oma) + -osis.]
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Noun1.xanthomatosis - widespread xanthomas (especially on elbows and knees); often associated with a disorder of lipid metabolism
xanthoma - a skin problem marked by the development (on the eyelids and neck and back) of irregular yellow nodules; sometimes attributable to disturbances of cholesterol metabolism
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n. xantomatosis, presencia de múltiples xantomas en la piel.
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Indeed, with the exception of a few kinds of hereditary ataxia (e.g., Niemann-Pick disease type C, cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis, coenzyme Q-10 responsive ataxia, or ataxia with vitamin E deficiency), no specific treatments exist for hereditary ataxia, including SCA (for a review, see Jayadev and Bird [13]).
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