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A yellow to orange chromatophore of a fish, amphibian, or reptile, containing pteridines and carotenoids.
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The chromatophores of teleosts are generally classified into seven categories on the basis of their color: melanophore (black), erythrophore (red), xanthophore (yellow), cyanophore (blue), leucophore (white), iridophore (iridescent color), and erythro-iridophore (reddish violet) (1-4).
Thus, the xanthophore pattern can be used for distinguishing these Thunnus species at the preflexion stage.
Yellow pigment cells called xanthophores reach out toward black pigment cells called melanophores.
Complete albinism is expressed as a lack of integumentary and retinal melanin, however, true albinos can exhibit integumentary coloration due to the other types of chromatophores: xanthophores and iridophores (CLARK, 2002).