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Adj.1.xci - being one more than ninetyxci - being one more than ninety    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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As seen for other dominant X-linked disorders [56], this clinical heterogeneity might be, at least in part, dependent on the phenomenon of variable XCI in heterozygous females.
(1) En "Elisio de Medinilla y su personalidad literaria" San Roman nombra a Agustin Castellanos como "poeta que figura en la corte literaria formada en la imperial ciudad merced al influjo de Lope de Vega" (xci).
La erudicion a veces aparece encubierta por la vena narrativa, como en el caso de Paolina romana amada por el dios Anubi (XCI), que recuerda la novella de Lisetta y del angel Gabriel del Decameron (IV 2).
Sonnet XCI "Reflections on some drawings of plants," written in the shadow of a daughter's death in 1795, characterizes the "mimic flowers" (1) in great detail by describing the iris's "veins of blue" and "scallop'd leaves, and downy stems" (4-5) in a way that celebrates both the artist's talent and a microscopic vision.
This term is necessary, because mamsmals have unique epigenetic mechanisms, such as X chromosome inactivation (XCI) and genomic imprinting, as well as certain unique genes acquired from retroelements, such as retrotransposons and retroviruses.
xci STRICKLAND, Thomas, Observations on an intended proposition to the Legislature, in regard to a new arrangement, as to the limiting price of corn, Liverpool & London 1814, 28p.
hor EL d that ickers made a h from tarted ishing and en got people ad a live o k de of er and e r y -i n g the xci teent is m a k -ng me eel all hot under he ollar).
Two striking epigenetic phenomena in mammalians are X chromosome inactivation (XCI) and genomic imprinting.