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Adj.1.xcii - being two more than ninetyxcii - being two more than ninety    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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la traduccion se fuerza para obviar que pedem observare no quiere decir mas que "prestar atencion a con que pie se hacen las cosas": el izquierdo es nefasto, el derecho fasto (o sea, hay que empezar las cosas por/con el pie derecho; Petronio, Satiricon, XXX, 5 y ss.; Plinio, NH, II, 7; Suetonio, Augusto, XCII, I; Martin, 2004: 16);
(xcii) The missionaries felt that the giving of this instruction was one of their most urgent responsibilities and the daily Scripture were given by the missionaries themselves.
(xcii) As elites que comandam os aparelhos de estado, mesmo nos paises mais pobres do Sul, frequentemente se beneficiam materialmente do regime global neoliberal.