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Adj.1.xcl - being ten more than one hundred eighty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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As shown, the rate of post-operative complications was significantly increased with increasing aortic XCL time: prolonged ventilation time (p-value 0.
XCL Management has offices in Manchester and Bristol and will open an office at Lockwood Park this month.
took the wraps off its 1000t lattice boom truck crane at bauma China last November, the XCL 800, which the company calls a pioneering model.
The lowered-rail XCL Chassis developed by Freightliner is combined with Winnebago's exclusive Super-Structure system of proprietary structural components to develop a stronger, stiffer unit providing a greater level of comfort, the company said.
Mum-of-four,Dianne,54,a grandmother of two from Llanasa near Holywell, was acting as a group leader for XCL Ltd, a Cheshire company running ``Third World'' expeditions.
The XCL series of micro DC/DC converters offer a broad variety of step-up and step-down solutions with built-in inductors for designs requiring an ultra-small footprint, low electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise, and current support up to 2A.
Holmfirth-based XCL Management has received a PS200,000 investment from Finance YorKshire to taKe its ambitious plans forward.