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Adj.1.xcv - being five more than ninetyxcv - being five more than ninety    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Para verificar o efeito da termoterapia na eliminacao de Xcv em mudas de videira infectadas, quatro plantas inoculadas foram mantidas em casa de vegetacao a 27 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C e quatro foram colocadas em camara de termoterapia por 30 dias a 38[degrees]C.
Beginning in twilight, where bats flew through the skies "and wheeled or lit the filmly shapes / That haunt the dusk" (XCV.10-11), lyric XCV commenced with a hint of the ghost story, another touch of the gothic.
Em areas de producao de uva do Vale do Submedio Sao Francisco, Xcv sobrevive de um ciclo para outro em videiras, bacelos e mudas infectados; epifiticamente em videiras assintomaticas (ARAUJO, 2001) e em hospedeiros alternativos (PEIXOTO et al., 2007).
For once, the scene is blessed with the proper amounts of wind and water; the "herb" is "dry" and the sky softly gleams with "the silvery haze of summer (XCV. (2,4).
xcv), these parts similarly contain many amendments made during later productions that need to be identified and ruled out.
The supplement is a quick-start and developer's guide for our software, xcv. It describes how to extend the program, related APIs, and good GLSL practices to maximize compatibility across graphics drivers.
xcv), the names ending in the accusative should be given in the nominative case in the translation: Muttabriqu, Sarrabtu, Rabisu, Bennu, Sldanu, Ummu, and Libu.
viticola (Nayudu) Dye (Xcv), is currently considered a bacterial disease of greater impact on grape production in the Northeast of Brazil, especially in the states of Bahia, Ceara and Pernambuco, where it is considered a threat to the economy by the plant health legislation (A2) (RODRIGUES NETO, et al., 2011; NAUE et al., 2014).
Perdura el odi et amo de Boccaccio, que oscila entre la misoginia (Sabina Poppea, XCV) y el feminismo.
xcv [WEST, Sir Edward], Essay on the application of capital to land, with observations shewing the impolicy of any great restriction of the importation of corn, and that the bounty of 1688 did not lower the price of it.