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 (zē′nē-ə, zēn′yə)
The effect, such as an increase in size, on the embryo or endosperm of a plant, resulting from fertilization with pollen of a genetically distinct variety.

[New Latin, from Greek xeniā, hospitality, from xenos, guest, stranger; see xeno-.]


(Botany) botany the influence of pollen upon the form of the fruit developing after pollination
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek: hospitality, from xenos guest]
ˈxenial adj


(ˈzi ni ə, ˈzin yə)

the effect of the type of pollen on the characteristics of the endosperm, fruit, or seed of a plant.
[1895–1900; < New Latin < Greek xenía hospitality. See xeno-, -ia]
xe′ni•al, adj.


Ancient Greece. a custom of hospitality, specifically the giving of presents to guests or strangers, especially foreign ambassadors. — xenial, adj.
See also: Foreigners
Ancient Greece. a custom of hospitality, specifically the giving of presents to guests or strangers, especially foreign ambassadors. — xenial, adj.
See also: Greece and Greeks
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