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 (zĕn′ə-krĭst′, zē′nə-)
A crystal foreign to the igneous rock in which it occurs.

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(Geological Science) a crystal included within an igneous rock as the magma cooled but not formed from it
[C20: from xeno- + cryst(al)]
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Spots that record recent Pb loss and those with inheritance (presumably xenocrystic cores) were additionally filtered out until a single cluster of three or more near-concordant data produced a weighted-mean concordia age.
(2011) focused on the geochronology and Hf isotope composition of zircons from the SCS gabbros, highlighted the heterogeneous [epsilon]Hf values (+2.9 to-1.1) displayed by magmatic zircons from the Talavera gabbro and the presence of xenocrystic zircons with [epsilon]Hf values typical of crustal rocks (-3 to-9) in the La Solanilla gabbro.
Lherzolite, harzburgite, dunite mantle xenoliths, and xenocrystic debris are common and abundant in the ankaratrites and nephelinites [54] from eastern ASV (Figure 3).