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Any of various aquatic, tongueless, clawed frogs of the genus Xenopus of southern Africa, certain species of which, especially the African clawed frog, are widely used for biological research.

[New Latin Xenopūs, genus name : xeno- + Greek pous, foot; see octopus.]


(Animals) an African clawed frog of the genus Xenopus having no tongue
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Noun1.xenopus - an African clawed frogXenopus - an African clawed frog; in some classifications made the type genus of a separate family Xenopodidae
amphibian genus - any genus of amphibians
family Pipidae, Pipidae - tongueless frogs
African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis - a tongueless frog native to Africa; established in the United States as result of release of laboratory and aquarium animals
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I would never go on an EPA panel again," says Darcy Kelley, a biology professor at Columbia University who participated in the panel's deliberation, and who is a leading authority on sexual differentiation in Xenopus.
These pond-dwelling frogs, Xenopus laevis (ZEE-no-pus LAY-vis), hunt after dark.
The promoter for the salamander green rod-blue cone (SGR/BC) opsin has been sequenced, and our prior work demonstrated photoreceptor expression in transiently transfected Xenopus embryos.
The two-electrode voltage-clamp technique was employed to investigate the effects of chloroform-methanol (1:1) extracts derived from five medicinal plants on Xenopus laevis oocytes.
To analyze the water samples and study suspected compounds, scientists use a test known as the frog embryo teratogenesis assay: Xenopus, or FETAX for short.
Department of Energy's Joint Genome Institute (JGI) are gearing up to map the DNA of a diminutive, fast- growing African frog named Xenopus tropicalis.
The purpose of my project is to test the effects of different concentrations of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) on the growth and development of Xenopus tadpoles and eggs.
30] When mink and KVLQT1 were coexpressed in either mammalian cell lines or Xenopus oocytes, a potassium current similar to the slowly activating potassium current ([I.
A much more exhaustive study is also being conducted in Xenopus frogs.
We experimentally examined the effects of age and group size on habitat selection and activity level in Xenopus laevis tadpoles.
In normal metamorphosing Xenopus laevis (with a spiracle on the left and right sides), right forelimbs emerged first approximately 50% of the time.